What is the Creative Committee?

Fabelizer has created a pioneering process in the way films are made. By setting up a Creative Committee that is responsible for rating all scripts before they go into production, Fabelizer has streamlined the selection process and removed inefficiencies brought on by subjective decision making. All films are selected through a simple scoring method and averaged out across the Creative Committee members. The members meet regularly via an e-forum to score the scripts and a script is only considered for production if it receives a ‘Good For Production’ score.

The Creative Committee is comprised of industry veterans, child specialists and content experts. They add tremendous value to all of our films, bringing with them fresh creative ideas, technical feedback and a deeper understanding of what children like. Their combined experience and expertise will ensure that all films produced by Fabelizer are coherent with its brand philosophy of creating value-rich entertainment for children.


Andy Jacobs Andy Jacobs is a creator of TV channels, a producer, director, writer, media executive, educator, entrepreneur... Learn More
Alex Barrett Alex Barrett is an independent filmmaker whose films have been screened at over 60 international festivals... Learn More
BR Sharan BR Sharan has successfully traversed the full spectrum of communications, media and entertainment. He worked... Learn More
Christine Cheung Christine studied law at the University of Wales and completed her postgraduate diploma at the Inns of Court School ... Learn More
Christine Hartland After producing several successful and award winning short films, Christine produced her first feature film... Learn More
Manish Porwal Manish Porwal is a marketing executive with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He is the Managing Director... Learn More
Monica Wahi Monica Wahi is the Founder-Director of Southasian Children’s Cinema Forum – a network of film specialists from..
Murat Kebir Over the past 17 years, Murat Kebir has worked on a wide range of projects, including documentaries ... Learn More
Pat Wintersgill Pat Wintersgill graduated with an MA in Film and TV Production from Bristol University and joined ..
Rita Wittke With 38 years of experience in the education business, Rita Wittke previously taught at Methodist High... Learn More
Siobhan Callus Siobhan Callus is a professional script reader with experience assessing screenplays for a number of ... Learn More
Venita Coelho Venita Coelho is a retired television writer/director from Mumbai. She has authored several books including... Learn More


Fabelizer’s vision is to create a global community of children bound by strong morals and values through comic books, videos, toys and games. Our content is produced globally and in 40 international languages to reach children across the world.


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Fabelizer is committed to creating a platform to encourage and promote creative talent. This is an opportunity to not only bring life to your ideas, but also to contribute to a community dedicated to creating quality entertainment for children. more

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