A story which inspires you to pursue the truth and question everything till they understand the truth. Highly recommended - By Heribert Thomas

With random digital content trashing young minds these days, Aychu is a much needed breathe of fresh air! Great story, great values, great characterization - Aychu is all set to become one of the greats of the comic world. A must read, trust me, your kid will thank you - By TC

The most fun and adventurous story I have come across in a while, an amazing read for all ages, there is something for everyone to take away from this book. To parents in search of reading material for their kids!! I suggest that you have a look through this book. Looking forward to the upcoming line of books. - By Kush Sharma

Comic books is a great way for children to get interested in reading! Aychu Guardian of the green can be every little girl's role model. - By Dr Krutik Raval