Child-specific Content

Fabelizer is creating cinematic content specifically for children. Children spend a lot of time watching TV and it is difficult to monitor everything that they absorb. Unfortunately, there is little entertainment that caters specifically to them. There is a great difference between movies with children and movies for children, and most filmmakers tend to forget this as they get engrossed with creating complex characters and stories.

Creating Iconic Heroes

Children look up to a variety of role models to help shape how they behave in school, relationships or when making difficult decisions. Children may try to copy the behavior and appearance of celebrities and characters from books, TV, movies and video games. Fabelizer films will create heroes for children that embody strong values like friendship, generosity, honesty and courage. The films will encourage cooperation, show a fun way of looking at life, help children stay in touch with their feelings, explore ways of dealing with outside influences and increase trust & sense of kindness. All of our heroes will be children in the same age group as our target audience. They will act as role models for children where there are currently few. These iconic heroes will become classics and be etched in the minds of children for years to come.

Building Global Communities

Fabelizer’s guiding vision is to create a global community of children bound by good morals and values through cinematic content. The internet has a tremendous capacity to build global communities; however, it has become increasingly unsafe for children. Fabelizer is creating a child-friendly online portal where children can interact with their role models from our films, play games, read stories and even have their favourite characters teach them math. Fabelizer will bind children of different ethnic, cultural and lingual backgrounds from across the world through this platform.