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About Fabelizer
Fabelizer creates magical visual experiences for young children.The guiding vision of Fabelizer is to create a global community of children bound by strong morals...
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Bridging the Gap
There is a huge demand for entertainment for young children, a gap in the market that is only addressed by shopping malls, badly produced plays and a limited number of animation films...
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Creating Impact
22% of the world’s population is comprised of children aged between two and eight years. Watching TV is the number one leisure activity for children in this age group...
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Fabelizer Pillars

Our Team

Naqisa Miriam Naqisa, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is a media entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience in the industry. An alumnus of Media Studies from The University of the Arts, London, she also founded Xeco Marketing Pvt. Ltd. and London’s first international student film festival: SFFL.

Silvi Silvi has worked as a marketing professional for over 7 years, delivering multimedia campaigns across various industries. Silvi is passionate about communication and strategic planning that helps take businesses to new heights. Having come aboard with a Master's Degree in Marketing Management, Silvi plays the role of the Chief Creative Officer where she helps plan and maintain the best creative control and strategic standardization for the company. Outside fabelizer, Silvi is a painter, an avid reader and people person.

Farha Khan Over the past 9 years, Farha has accrued experience across many different industries and sectors, including Consulting, ITES, NGO, real estate, advertising, and managed domains like HR, Operations, Fundraising and Client Servicing. She received her B-Tech in Applied Electronics and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application and is currently working with the Fabelizer Team as Revenue Manager.

Swati Swati Bhargava joined the Fabelizer Team as Brand Manager and all around Marketing and Strategy Whiz. She maintains a strong belief in the importance of a well planned, data driven strategy in order to help companies meet and exceed their targets. If she had to describe herself in one mathematical equation, she would say “Tech savvy + Avid marketer + creative knight – monotony = Swati”

William William Heydecker is a novelist, screenwriter and lover of all tales tall who joined the Fabelizer Team as Script Director where he currently strives to breathe life into the characters and narratives he has the pleasure of working with. At regular intervals he does his best to remember to regularly stretch to avoid “Hunchback Scribe Syndrome” to which he and those of his ilk are notorious susceptible. He was born in the United States but grew up in three out of the four corners of India where he somehow obtained a B.A in Liberal Arts specializing in International Relations while devoting all of his passion to the craft and joy of storytelling.

Padmaja Apart from being Fabelizer’s fabulous IT Department Head, Dr. Padmaja is a fun loving and carrying mother of 2 beautiful children who does her best to strike the perfect balance between work and family. She spent six years as a Professor before shifting over to IT full time, where she handled a variety of different projects over the course of four years. Dr. Padmaja loves travelling, meeting new people and discovering new places when she isn’t striving for the newest and latest in technological innovation.

Rhea Silva Rhea is involved in fund raising. She has worked in marketing and finance with Job Corp Pvt. Ltd. and Silvex Realty Ltd. respectively. Rhea is an alumnus of St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai and is pursuing Company Secretaryship and IP Law from Government Law College, India.

Pol Pol Cunyat is an illustrator, comic artist, inker and character designer, born in Sant Celoni, a small village near Barcelona, Spain. Ever since Pol was a child, he always dreamed about becoming a comic artist, which is what led him to study animation and manga at "Escola de Còmic Joso" in Barcelona, after which he graduated in illustration at "Escola d'Art Serra i Abella" from l'Hospitalet de Llobregat. Pol is the Creative Director at Fabelizer, and with his experience of over 20 years, he takes care that all production is of the highest possible quality and graphic coherence, in addition to trying to provide creativity, at all times. Now Pol daydreams with the purpose of not waking up.

Vichitra Famed for her 'brutal editing chops', Vichitra is an experienced storyteller with a Master's Degree in Software Technology. She believes writing is a communication of truth that benefits from both creativity and discipline, and uses a strict moral compass to guide her stories.

Tarun Tarun Sahu is the Art Director and Fastest Artist Alive. Born and raised in New Delhi,India, Tarun joined the comic book industry at a very early age. His first book was launched in 2011 at Comic-Con India and since then he has worked with many comic book publishers, video game developers and animators. Tarun has worked with the highly acclaimed Tinkel Studio, the largest children’s comic book publisher in India, as Assistant Art Director.

Tushant Tushant Mirchandani (also otherwise known as "Cyan Los" by his friends) has 6 years of experience as an Illustrator and Animator, both in 3D and 2D mediums. A true tinkerer at heart, he loves to mess with newfangled things and figure out how it could best be used for his newest works or to solve complex problems. Nothing makes him happier than making people's dreams come true and see the things they otherwise could only have imagined.

Karishma Karishma, the Chief Analytics Officer, brings years of experience in research and analytics to the Fabelizer team having worked with international companies like IPSOS, Baptist Group and Grameen Bank. She is pursuing an MSc Economics from the London School of Economics.


Fabelizer’s vision is to create a global community of children bound by strong morals and values through comic books, videos, toys and games. Our content is produced globally and in 40 international languages to reach children across the world.


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Fabelizer is committed to creating a platform to encourage and promote creative talent. This is an opportunity to not only bring life to your ideas, but also to contribute to a community dedicated to creating quality entertainment for children. more

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